Tuesday, 24 October 2017

The Untold story of Apapa + DOWNLOAD

Download the PDF via the link below
The Untold Story of Apapa

Friday, 10 October 2014

Buy your land. Linda has gotten hers after the brouhaha of yesterday...

Here is Linda's new blog: http://lindaikejionline.com/

I went back to her former site and I may buy something from St Genevieve here.

I think I like the jackets. Check it out nau, all you need to do is to click on the above 'here'.

Let's get back to the topic. You need your own site. You can't be satisfied with the social site. All of them are acting funny. The ones who aren't are just waiting to be big enough. They will eventually all act funny.

LIB - Linda Ikeji Blog and that guy Ayedee (her friend or business ally) have taught everyone with this drawn out Hollywood movie that it is important to have your own land or using the right term, your own landing page so that you have all your contacts in one place in case Google.com decides to play a fast one on you.

I just paid for hosting so soon we'll be seeing me on my new blog http://www.imagineitincoporatedng.com. It is not up yet so have some understanding for me.

I used to act in T15 in Unilag so I love the stage. Extracts from
"The Wives" showing at Muson today and tomorrow

I manage this site http://www.udookonjo.com among other sites.

Some of the things I practice daily.
If you are entrepreneur and you don't have much training and do not have the money to train yourself currently you can follow this site and start practicing the things that you are taught. Don't forget to add your email to the list so that you can always be reached with new information via email.

I manage Facebook and Twitter pages also. I am building my client list and will email you via my monthly newsletter (soon to be fornighty) as soon as the website is ready.

I bought it via http://www.clickhostnigeria.com and it is a Nigerian company that has great reviews on customer service which is something pretty valuable to me.

If you are still building your business on social media channels et al, know that you are building your house on sinking sand, you can lose it all suddenly.

Two things that can help you are:

Till next time, get busy doing these two things, it is a foundation you require in the long run for your business.

One of the best advice I can give you about being dynamic on social media is to experiment a lot and be yourself. People love authenticity and sincerity because it is so rare. Don't be afraid of showing who you are. 

Last advice: You are not a list of your bad sides, you are a combination of the good and the bad. Show yourself and also be willing and actively changing for the better and be wise about your investments.

“A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song.” - Maya Angelou, author and poet

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Your Linkedin Account could be hurting you... - By Tessa Doghor

Hi, I am Tessa and I would like to share with you my most popular blog post ever here. Do you remember the fashionable clothes and how lovely that movie the devil wears prada is. I have it at home. I watch it again every time I want to improve my efficiency. I am that girl that makes things happen.

I had my birthday on the 8/9/2014. I was a year older. (Tongue out). I was also very thankful to God almighty for His grace and mercy. I took really ugly pictures. I was either having a bad hair day or the camera had it in for me. They were very ugly pictures that I took that day. You can see them here.

All of them were ugly except this one.

8/9/2014 I look very professional right? Doing my absolute best since I love casual clothing...

I was pissed because I love pictures.

Tessa Doghor is a social media assistant for an international company in Lagos. (I prefer the tag social media manager but company structure did this to me. Hopefully it will change soon).

Your linkedin account could be hurting you.

1. Put in the time to make it awesome:

How many minutes did you dedicate to making your profile awesome? Recruiters, future employers are checking your profile and your linkedin profile is saying something about you. It had better be saying the right things. Also be diligent enough to complete your linkedin profile. It says a lot about you.

Think beautiful when you are writing about yourself. You are beautiful, God made you!

2. Use a great photo:
I am sure you have heard this before: 'A picture is worth a thousand words'. Put it to practice. Have a good photo on your linkedin profile. Let it scream integrity, professionalism and excellence. No one knows who you are except you put yourself out there via your corresponding words and actions. Be present, be excellent, show your integrity. Get good quality photos that show clearly who you are. Invest in you. You are the brand.

You don't have to be perfect to be beautiful, you just need to see yourself through the eyes of God.

3. Write a headline that rocks:
Describe yourself in one word. Then describe yourself in a phrase. Try 'excellent and reliable' or 'smart and sassy'. Communicate your three strongest qualities with a phrase that will get the attention of a would-be employer going through your linkedin profile. You should want to catch his/her attention and communicate the value that you would be adding to the company. Think clearly before describing you because it is out there for the world to see if you value who you are or you just leave everything to chance.

4. Maximize the use of the summary section:
Don't write more than 5 paragraphs or less than 3 paragraphs. Focus on your passion, your drive and your goals. Communicate it effectively. Speak about your skills and your unique qualifications. List the industries you have engaged in the past and the successes you have accomplished. Speak about something you have learned while working in whatever industry you have been in.
Convince your employer that you are not afraid to serve. Only through service is your potential developed anyways. I learnt that no job is subservient, you just need to know who you are. You are responsible for giving your work expression.

5. Your profile is as good as your resume:
Highlight your best accomplishments, don't just list jobs. Use your experience section to communicate who your work persona is. Use bullet points to highlight various jobs and how your executed them expeditiously. 

6. Display your achievements:
Nigeria is full of employers looking for great employees and employees looking for great employers, you have to be easy to find. Put yourself out there. Ever heard that saying? 'There are so many graduates that are unemployable' it used to annoy me because I thought it was a lie. I eventually met some and discovered that just because I knew so many well educated graduates didn't mean that there weren't the unemployable ones. If you know you have what it takes, put yourself out there. Be service-oriented because even as an employee, you can be an entrepreneurial employee; one with vision. Entrepreneurs are always looking for employee with vision who are not planning to get stuck in the rut. Let them see what you have got and I promise you we will get so good that we will become the #NewNigeria. Don't complain about corruption any more, just stand out and be counted.

7 Have 50+ connections:
Having less than 50 connections tells the potential employer that you don't network with people. Or that you are paranoid or hesitant at working or connecting with others or that you do not know how or are too unlearned to take advantage of social media. Be connected to 50-100 people as a starting point. Talk and communicate and also be willing to learn from one another.

Don't disqualify yourself from the job that could be coming that you have not seen yet simply because you do not take yourself seriously enough to complete your Linkedin profile. That dream you have heard since you were a child, put it one paper. Make one of your first goals the decision to fill your linkedin profile.
Have a great week!
Here is the most interesting post on my blog so far. That intern in 'The devil wears prada' made me want to spend 200k on clothes, hair, bags, shoes, accessories; the works. It is absolute heaven to watch that movie. Click here

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Build your house on the rock... take advantage of this offer

Have you heard the lastest saying on social media?

If you build on someone's land, what happens when the owner wants to change the rules. You have nothing to do but adapt to the new rules of the landowner. You are at his mercy.

Hence the new saying, purchase your own land.

How do you do that?

I subscribed to some guy who sent me a mail yesterday that I can get free website. When the deal was clear to me, I discovered that I would have to pay as much as N10,000 before it can be usable. I was pissed at the blatant lie and so I jejely unsubscribed.

I went on a search to get one.

There is Hostgator but they are pretty expensive.
So I went on a search and found a cheaper one.
It is clickhostnigeria.com

It is cheap, it is Nigerian and they have great customer care.
You can pay as cheap as N1250 for 6 months hosting rights and then transfer your blog to that site and they will help you do everything. The great thing about them is that they are giving domain names free. You should take advantage of this offer and let your friend know too. Cheers

By way I am buying a custom domain for this site, it will soon be under construction so watch out and hope to see you building your own houses also.

Signing off: I always sign off this way. I manage this site called http://www.udookonjo.com. It has the goal of ensuring that you fulfil your entrepreneurial goals and your purpose for life. If you are wise, you will take advantage of this offer. I am praying that you will use the wisdom that God gave you to carry out wise actions.

Other sites.

Thursday, 31 July 2014

If you're new to twitter, allow me help you

This should help in getting 30,000 followers. Click here

I read this in 2014 when I was working for a real estate company as a social media executive, I was very good at it. It was fun thinking on my feet and creating new ways to communicate the brand to the most important person in any campaign, the audience (you). Any company's product is all about you. Yes, the product may be targeted at a certain demography but is never complete without you. So I celebrate you and what you have to say, it makes it easier to serve you better.

I have almost 2000 followers on Twitter
I tweet everyday. Let's take a look at today's tweet. I am going to embed one tweet that says something about who I am.
Yes, I believe I am creative. My almost 5000 friends on Facebook who consist of friends, family, colleagues and amazing Facebook fam will agree with me, they get to experience my creativity day and night.

Do you want 30,000 followers?

Well that is possible. Let's start with the simple target of getting 2000 followers who like you and won't follow and unfollow you in a whim but are really interested in you and in your product.

Everything I tell you in this post works. I have put it to practice and analyzed and re-analyzed.

Guess who? Udo Okonjo
I manage several blogs and several social media accounts along with a team of two other geniuses who have varying interests. You could call them exquisite, they think like no other person on the earth and are amazingly creative. They are experts in everything called beautiful or art or beautiful art. I am blessed to have them working with me to achieve my dream.

I manage two blogs and different Facebook, Twitter and other media channels. I focus on three major ones but from time to time I swim in the waters of all the different media channels.

I used to dream of being this kind of assistant, super efficient, beautiful and still am in possession of a brain that works. It is easy to impress a man when you are working because all he cares is about the bottom-line, do your job. With a woman, you need to go tenn extra miles.
I love working for both men and women, they bring out amazing qualities in you if you let them. I also work with male or female interns, if you pass the interview. Now I am more of the boss woman in "The Intern", have you watched it.

Here's the trailer

Another on Twitter, don't act. Be yourself. Communicate. Twitter is full of people like you, people of faith and purpose who are busy pursuing their dreams also and making the world a better place at the same time. Do both. Don't just pursue your career, ensure that you serve your generation while you are at it.

I still want to dress amazing and chic. I am chic right now but the flats take the elegance out of everything. I am just a tad elegant with smart sensible shoes. I love my smart, sensible shoes because my calf don't hurt at night when I want to sleep and think of how to use my creativity to change my world the next day.

- Build relationships as much as it is within your power, it opens you up to meet other great people. God has made many, they are out there, just reach out and say hi. Everyone is on twitter to talk to others.
- Tweet everyday, no matter how small or how much. There is never a wrong or a right thing to say, let moderation guide you though.
- Be yourself. Don't put all your secrets out there but don't be afraid to be vulnerable if it makes some other person's life better or encourages another person

Please don't join the nasty crowd, everyone is fighting one battle or the other, don't make it more difficult by being difficult and do be a listening ear. 

BUT if you are running a professional account, while being open, remember that you are representing another company. Put the brand first and never have any altercations with a company brand twitter account.

Communication changes all the time, be ready to change as it does

I am a very important personality on Twitter, so important that John Maxwell follows me. That is one of the advantages of Twitter, you get to meet and talk one on one with these amazing people who are changing your life so you change the life of others.

Don't advertise on Twitter, instead engage. Be polite, be friendly, be helpful. Use twitter as a BMW to drive traffic to your blog or website. 

Don't use swear words, it is viewed as irresponsible and you won't get the crowd you are looking for using that strategy.

No swearing!

If you are running your company account, remember not to
 tweet on your company info only. 


Chip in about 20% company hardcore content and then the remain 80% should be used in educating, entertaining and sharing.

Do let me know what you learned or your comment or your observation.
To enjoy your twitter account when you wake up in the morning, follow these fabulous people on twitter

Renowned author and speaker

Million real estate female, she's Nigerian too.

Interesting guys

The 21-year old or the 23-year old with the baby mama drama that happened around Christmas. He's also a very successful music artiste

My social media account for my company, if you need any help holla at me.

and humble 


Photo Credit: All pictures are gotten courtesy Google.com

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Building authority on the social media channels about your company that translates to sales


It is me with the digital connection opportunity to teach you a few things that can get you those leads, cause the connections and inspire the sales.

How do you establish authority in the market?

You can either list your credentials, say, I have been working in the social media marketing sector for 6 years. The first two years I was doing it as the editor of a magazine, the remaining four years, I was actively promoting brands online and it was a pretty exciting job. I got to meet so many people, you would imagine I had the persona of a superstar. I got a thousand happy birthdays on Facebook. You might think it doesn't matter much but it gave me a warm feeling inside me.

The second way is to teach you to market. The world is desperate for human connection even though they might never see you in the flesh or touch you. The human being was created to connect with other human beings. So take this basic knowledge, add understanding, open your heart and communicate. Any other type of communication gets ignored. Pictures and videos are better ways to communicate than even written words and always generate more engagement on the social media platforms.

So whether you are on Facebook or Twitter, be sure to open your heart and communicate and be willing to serve, passionate about what you do and give it 100% commitment. That way you will kick start your media network and soon real people will be calling, meeting up with you and doing business with you. 

Put the time you need to build trust till the people on the other end of the blackberry device or computer are ready to meet you and do business.

P.S. Only meet business people or anyone else in open spaces, no hotel rooms or closed spaces, serial killers exist as much as we would love a perfect world.

Have a good day and till next time, stay approachable!

Monday, 21 July 2014

Social Sharing...

We are learning something new today called social sharing. I have 6 years experience using social media and representing an organization online. All the months of thinking up better ways of communicating the brand has been a wonderful and challenging experience. I have learnt a lot of what works and what won't work.

I have also had the pleasure of being trained by Abas Idaresit the owner of Wild Fusion during a british high commision training for the media professionals in Lagos. This particular programme is organized by Nneka Asika of Enterprise creative. Google it.

Today I will be sharing tidbits on why social sharing is the backbone of social media. 

Facebook and Twitter are the most popular and most effective social media channels. They are also the most influential.

Digital consumers click on social links at about the same rate. Contents shared through shortened urls with software such as bitly have a similar lifespan.

The weekend is the best time to get the highest engagement as people are off work and looking forward to spend their leisure time being entertained. 

According to wikipedia, the Millennials (also known as the Millennial Generation[1] or Generation Y) are the demographic cohort followingGeneration X. There are no precise dates when the generation starts and ends. Researchers and commentators use birth years ranging from the early 1980s to the early 2000s.

Millennials and the young people are the most active on social media.

As always, if  you want to refer content to the most people, Facebook is your best bet.