Wednesday, 14 April 2021

What Does Selling Look Like in the 21st Century

Lead Magnets & Mailing Lists


Many people believe that selling on the internet is a myth.

It is not a myth. Selling on the internet is possible. Not only is it possible, but it also eliminates the need for a brick and mortar office and cuts out much of the overhead costs that are needed to run an office.

It is a high trust business. Building trust takes time. Once the trust is built, the sky is the limit for you and your business.

From services to skills to products, I have been selling on the internet since 2008.


How To Sell Your Services On The Internet

One of the keys to selling is for the buyer to know that you exist and your services exist and that your product is a necessity for them. Once you can establish this, you will always be on-demand.

The goal thus is to put out the information that you have services, skills, or products for sale, and to put out enough proof so that you can differentiate yourself from the market out there.

Now selling is great but there are so many people in the marketplace and many are putting their products metaphorically on their head and selling. They are the masses. To differentiate yourself and not bore your audience, you need to be telling stories. Entertain them before you sell your products. You will have more customers than when you straight out just bring out your tomatoes and start selling.

Landing Pages and Lead Magnets

The purpose of today’s post is to teach anyone how to attract thousands of visitors monthly with the use of a lead magnet.

All business people need a website and a landing page if they want to sell online. Talking to every single person interested in your business will wear you out. Landing pages and lead magnets were created to help give out the information that your audience needs to get value from you or do business with you.

It was created to maximize efficiency.

Getting Visitors To Come To Your Site Using Lead Magnets

Using a lead magnet, you can attract thousands of new visitors to your website every month.

You can share your lead magnets on social media platforms so that people can look out for you and find out what you do through social media. 

Consistency in sharing what you do online to help people visit your website looking for what they want and reading about what you have to offer and the solutions that you aim to provide.


Email Magnets and Lead Magnets Are Tools For Growing Your Business


One of the most important things to learn early on when growing your business is how to build an email list. Even if you are an author writing a book, building an email list is one of the fastest ways to ensure that you have book sales.

When visitors come to your websites, it gives you a good feeling inside. Someone appreciates what you do. It also means that there is traffic on your site.


 Many people will give an arm and a leg to get traffic to come to their site. I have a book that solves the problem of getting traffic to your site. You can find it here.


When visitors come to your site, they are probably interested in your niche. Let them find a lot of valuable information that can help them do whatever it is they do better.

The best thing you can get from your visitor is an email address. Getting an email is a key to success on the internet.

What are the kinds of content you can use it for creating your landing page?

Examples of the kind of content you can give are:

A free ebook 

Let it do something for them

A link to an article that answers a question:

Let them find content that benefits them on your website. Let them find answers and solutions on your site.


Let them do something simple enough that many people will do it and win a gift that is useful to the people in your niche.

The lead magnet is that tool that you utilize in attracting people and let it be good enough to add value to them and persuading enough that they want to give you their email so they can get more.


A Landing Page Was Created To Collect Leads

Leads will get you the next step you need to nurture your clients.

Ensure that the content you create is valuable. That anyone who visits your website will find something of value to him or her. Be thorough.

It is useful to change the paradigm thinking of a person or create a solution that is useful to your audience.

The simplest way to add value to your environment is by solving problems. Once you are a problem solver, you will always be in demand. When creating content, bear in mind that you want to be solving problems and having people email you to say thank you for the help that you rendered. Having satisfied customers is the best advertisement for any business.

Offer great content that is persuasive. The goal is to get the reader to type in their email. Next is the sale funnel process, building and nurturing leads in the sales process until they make a decision.



Sales Funnels and the purpose of Lead in the funnel

If you learn to manage your funnel properly, you will experience the process of making money even when you are sleeping. ‘

A sales funnel is a series of steps that a visitor passes through until they get enough information to like, trust and buy from you. The final step is when they become your brand evangelist. It all starts the day they decide to join your email list. Then you nurture until they love your company too. 


Writing Landing Pages

Landing pages for lead magnets are written on purpose.

Some landing pages can be as much as 5000 words, more like a mini-ebook. Some others are shorter and can be as short as 25 words. Usually, depending on the product that you are selling, less is more.

The idea is for the visitor to be eager to give you their email. For that to happen, you need to plan.


Four tips to make for a successful landing page

Four spices if you may that will make the creation of your landing page successful are:


#1 Catch the reader’s attention:

The use of your headline in getting the attention of your audience when writing a landing page cannot be overemphasized. Do not waste your headline. Make it catchy and punchy. Be compelling.

For example, Neil Patel goes: How to Convert Blog Readers Into Customers

He is creating solutions for the kinds of people that visit his website. He finds the possible problem they need solutions for and then creates those solutions. On his website, he even uses push notifications and the headlines on the push notification can make you read all day instead of getting to the business of the day because his headlines are enthralling. If you have a mind, that is a magnet for new things and learning, you will be unable to resist.

He is simply advertising his services via a YouTube video but he is communicating his mission with gusto.

Neil’s headline is creating the solution instead of being 'salesy' with a headline that screams, come, and buy tomatoes.

Use your subheading to excite the reader’s senses. Use this to create a stronger feeling in their mind about the writing service or social media marketing service. Show what it can do for them, and how it will solve the pain point of their business.

Make your writing about your reader. Do not be pushy or 'salesy'. Simply solve a pain point in your reader’s life or business.


#2 Niche Down


The more niche down, the easier it is for the people who need exactly what you offer to find you. Your lead magnet needs to be targeting a specific type of people and tailor-made to meet the needs of your specific target.

It could be targeting women who want to build their marriages. It could be a free book for women to affirm the men in their lives. The target is to wives who are dissatisfied with their relationships within their marriages.

People want results they can measure and they want to be sure that they are dealing with the right people who can deliver those results?


#3 Change your language

There is a psychology of connecting with people. If you learn about the kinds of people that you want to be connecting with daily enough, you can speak their language.

Study the people who you want to be your clients, what do they want? What are the benefits that would appeal to them? What are the factors militating against their success?

Write in the terms they use daily. Professionals and career people want to ‘improve their sales’ and ‘develop’ their person daily, use these words that they identify with daily.

Present what you write in a way that excites your target audience; write with the idea in mind that you are chatting with a friend over croissants and coffee.


#4 Give them a worthwhile offer

Make your reader buy what you are offering today. Not tomorrow.

If your offer is not appealing, you will not get responses.

When writing focus on the following:

• Benefits of the service, or skill or products

• Remind them of their pain points

• Show them how to buy the solution you have on offer

• Prompt them to act immediately

• Give testimonials or social proof not more than 50 words


To create content for your website or your blog, get in touch. Email me at imagineitincng@gmail or send a comment here.

Tuesday, 16 March 2021

Thank You #Flutterwave. Good News For Freelancers


Good news for freelancers across Africa. 

We can all receive payments across Africa and from Paypal. 

This is a record breaking win. This is something that will revolutionize business in Africa and how it is done. We can now do business with practically anyone from around the world.

See the original article from Flutterwave that confirms it here.

 Referral code to join Flutterwave: RV68391

Wednesday, 27 January 2021

Content Marketing: How to Advertise Your Products and Improve Sales

With the advent of COVID-19, many companies have had to shut down because they could no longer do business as usual.

Within the first few months of the pandemic, no one knew what to do. The companies that moved online survived and thrived.

AirBnB: A brand that grew via Content Marketing


One of the strategies they employed to keep their business afloat was the art of content marketing.

Monday, 4 January 2021

Happy New Year Plus How to start freelancing in Nigeria and Become Financially Free


How to start Freelancing in Nigeria – Becoming Financially Free

One of the steps towards becoming financially free is making a decision. When you decide to be a freelancer, you need to know that you are not a tomato seller, you are a business owner, and the degree of respect you have for your accomplishments is the same amount of respect that prospective clients will give to you.


Respect and honor your craft and negotiate wisely. This respect will overflow to the kind of work that you deliver to your clients.

Friday, 13 November 2020

25 Ways to Make Money in Nigeria

Tried and Tested Ways, Different Types of Businesses to Run in Nigeria

 I am so proud of Nigerian women, men, boys and girls.

Things are so tough in Nigeria right now and although many are living beneath the poverty line (very sad) many are also starting businesses and creatively creating impossibilities by taking crisis and changing it into opportunity and I am so proud of them.

This is the Nigeria of my dreams. We are changing lemons into lemonade - good tasting lemonade. It is a very needed drink with the dry and sunny weather in November and onward.

I am the one in the middle of two of my sisters, 2012, Lagos, Nigeria.

The story of my life

I spent most of my life before now as a baby girl. I only did the kind of jobs that made me happy and fulfilled me. I avoided some kind of jobs. 

Thursday, 4 June 2020

10 ways to make money online in Nigeria

Sisi Yemmie of Youtube or is it blogville
Sisi Yemmie of Youtube or is it blogville

I am using Sisi Yemmie as my first picture. Of all the bloggers I have known online she is someone who has inspired and encouraged me to make money via blogging. She was one of the first people to prove it was possible too. I simply blogged because I loved writing.

She on the other hand had been to the abroad where she saw it done and was convinced it could be done in Nigeria. So I followed her even in the days that she gave credit every monday to those who left comments on her Monday post. That was almost a decade ago.

Wednesday, 20 May 2020

My favourite recipe during the COVID-19 pandemic and get my ebook on payment platforms for receiving dollars in Nigeria FREE

My favourite meal during the COVID-19 lockdown is spagetti and egg sauce. It looks a lot like this:

Looks yummy doesn't it?

My favourite mean is actually Ewa Goin beans and fried dodo. It is the meal I eat not because I am hungry but because I want to eat what my taste buds wants. This is the meal that lets me know that I am totally African.